Before preparing and typing your abstract, please read carefully the following instructions:

  • Abstracts must be written in English and can be submitted via the online Abstract Submission Service only. Abstracts sent by fax or email will not be accepted.
  • Type the text, including tables and figures, in single-line spacing and using Times New Roman 11. Do not use smaller type.
  • Do not exceed 180 characters for the TITLE and 340 words / 2800 characters for the BODY.
  • TITLE: capitalize the entire title. Spell out words. Do not use abbreviations and check that your title is complete in case you copy and paste it into the field.
  • AUTHORS/AFFILIATIONS: you may enter up to 20 authors in the authors list and 10 affiliations. The presenting must be part of the authors list included in the submitted abstract. The names of authors will be published as listed on the submission form. Please make sure you have enter the full list of authors. The authors ‘order and details (names, cities, country codes) will be published as entered in the form.According to AIFA (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco – Italian Medicine Agency) regulations, the personal details of all coauthors of an accepted abstract must be included in the final scientific program for AIFA approval. The corresponding author is requested to include type of degree (Ex. Medicine), specialty (area of expertise, Ex. Cardiology) and job title (Ex. Professor) of the presenting author in the box during the abstract submission
  • TEXT: begin the text on a new line. The text should be arranged using the following headings: objective, design and method, scientific data, results and conclusions.
  • Do not include authors, institutions, city and abbreviations in the title or in the text since the grading and selection process is blinded.
  • Do not include grant acknowledgements in the abstract content. Do not cite keywords or references in the abstract, as they are not allowed and will be deleted.
  • Abstract will be accepted according to scientific merit.
  • ESH 2018 allows the submission of abstracts for original contribution to the field only.


  • Registration is compulsory in order to present an abstract during the Meeting within February 28, 2018. Lack of payment of the registration within the deadline will be identified as “no-show” and will be then removed from the final programme.
  • Each presenting Author is allowed to present up to 2 abstracts with one paid registration.
  • Presenting Authors of accepted abstracts, who are younger than 35 years old, are entitled to a special registration fee of € 150,00 until March 30, 2018
  • If the presenting Author has been awarded a grant, a paid registration is not needed.
  • Please be also informed that AIM Italy will submit to AIFA (Italian Ministry of Health) a Pre-request of authorization, including the list of all presenting authors and ESH 2018 scientific programme, within the end of March 2018.
  • From April 1st, abstracts cannot be withdrawn due to the fact that the scientific programme cannot be modified and must remain as it is.

For any further information, please contact: esh2018.abs@aimgroup.eu.