The European Society of Hypertension provides a number of Accommodation Grants to participants with limited financial resources whose abstracts have been selected for either oral or poster presentation. Priority is given to participants with first authorship of an accepted abstracts.

Accommodation grant request has to be made at the same time as the abstract submission.

Requests sent after the abstract submission will not be considered.

Please note that if the same group of authors submit more than one abstract, the grant will be assigned only once.

The accommodation grant covers:

  • Registration fee
  • Hotel Accommodation in a non-luxury Hotel in Barcelona in a single room, for a maximum of 3 nights stay (considering the following nights:  from June 08 to 11, 2018).

The Grant does not cover travel expenses and will be given to authors without sponsorship.

The grant is not intended to be a refund of accommodation expenses, therefore the awarded authors must not book accommodation individually, but they have to follow the Secretariat’s instructions. No refund will be given in case of self-booked rooms in other Hotels.

The grant covers accommodation and registration. Awarded authors cannot choose to benefit only one of the two services offered. If the author renounces to one of the services, the grant will automatically be given to other authors, following the waiting list.

The notice of Accommodation Grant awards will be made by the Local Organizing Committee.

For information, please write to


Albasri Ali, United Kingdom
Aniszczuk-Hybiak Anna, Poland
Banek Christopher, Usa
Barigou Mohammed, France
Chaumont Martin, Belgium
Corbacho Alonso Nerea, Spain
Damianaki Aikaterini, Greece
De Heus Rianne, The Netherlands
Domislovic Viktor, Croatia
Eek Mariampillai Julian, Norway
Fan Luyun, China
Garg Shanky, India
Grechanyk Mariya, Ukraine
Huang Qifang, China
Imprialos Konstantinos, Greece
Ivanov Milan, Serbia

Ji Hongwei, China
Jung Susanne, Germany
Ketelhut Sebastian, Germany
Kopaliani Irakli, Germany
Korostovtseva Lyudmila, Russia
Kowalczyk Kamil, Poland
Krajcoviechova Alena, Czech Republic
Li Sheran, AustraliaMarkov Mikhail, Russia
Montes Martínez David Israel, Mexico
Myrzamatova Azaliia, Russia
Naidin Oana, Romania

Radik Michal, Slovak Republic
Redon Pau, Spain
Ripp Tatyana, Russia
Oliverio Giorgio, Italy
Pardo Tendero Maria Mercedes, Spain

Salvador Pedro, Portugal
Salvo Francesco, Italy
Seibert Felix S., Germany
Shkroba Anna, Ukraine
Slastnikova Evgeniia, Russia
Suvila Karri, Finland
Szeiffova Bacova Barbara, Slovak Republic
Tadic Marijana, Serbia
Terentes-Printzios Dimitrios, Greece
Torbas Olena, Ukraine
Tran Jenny, United Kingdom
Trudel Xavier, Canada
Tsonev Svetlin, Bulgaria
Turgay Yildirim Ozge, Turkey
Vasilkova Volha, Belarus
Vukicevic Milica, Serbia
Zhang Dong-Yan, China